Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants of the week: Kopps and Yellow Sunshine, Berlin


East Side Gallery, Berlin

This week, I’ve decided to go outside of Spain and feature two unique restaurants which are 100% vegetarian: Kopps (in Mitte) and Yellow Sunshine.

Those of you who have traveled to Berlin before may have noticed the wide availability of vegan food around the city. Berlin is a city of people from many different backgrounds and lifestyles and there is a blossoming culture of Bohemianism and alternative lifestyle choices. This cultural awakening has attracted people from all over the world and allowed the vegan/vegetarian movement to flourish in the city. And there isn’t just traditional vegan/vegetarian food to be found; there is a lot of variety. You can find everything from vegan Vietnamese food to vegan versions of traditional German food.

When I went to a conference in Berlin last year, I asked a vegan friend, who also just so happened to be an ex-Berliner, for some restaurant recommendations. One of his first choices was a restaurant in Mitte, the first and most central borough of Berlin. The restaurant, called Kopps Bar & Restaurant, has an unlimited vegan brunch buffet on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9:30-16:00 for 13,50 EUR per person. Not a bad deal for endless vegan food to start your day.


Kopps Bar & Restaurant

The food in the brunch buffet was very diverse and included everything from pancakes and vegan eggs to pasta and steamed vegetables. They also had vegan deli meats and vegan sausages for those seeking a protein-rich meal.

Buffets often skimp on the quality of their food due to high demand and low price, so I’m sure you’re wondering just how good an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet could be. Kopps uses natural, regional vegetables and herbs in all of their dishes and you can taste the freshness in every bite. Everything was crisp and flavorful.


Kopps Bar & Restaurant

I can honestly say I left Kopps feeling full and satisfied after consuming a vegan brunch fit for a small army. Going to a buffet where I can eat everything and feel great afterwards is a wonderful feeling.


Currywurst and fries at Yellow Sunshine

The second restaurant I’m going to talk about is Yellow Sunshine, a 100% vegetarian organic fast food restaurant. I first heard about it when I was searching Google for vegetarian currywurst in Berlin. Currywurst is one of Berlin’s most popular “fast food” dishes made of a steamed and fried pork sausage seasoned with curry ketchup. Obviously, it’s not a very vegetarian-friendly dish, so I had to find an alternative version. Luckily. there are a few places around Berlin that make a vegan version of this tasty Berlin treat.

Unfortunately for most visitors to Berlin, Yellow Sunshine is in a slightly inconvenient location in the southeast part of Berlin and the closest U-bahn stop is Görlitzer Bahnhof. It’s not very close to the center, but I think it’s worth a visit if you are staying in Berlin for a few days because the vegan currywurst was delicious! The combination of the tangy curry ketchup and the savory soy sausage was absolutely perfect and definitely satisfied my currywurst craving.

In addition to currywurst, Yellow Sunshine has veggie burgers, veggie chicken, seitan dishes and all sorts of vegan and vegetarian baked goods. Unfortunately, I only went to the restaurant once and was only able to try the currywurst, but the other dishes looked great and I’d love to go back again if I ever return to Berlin.


My time in Berlin was bittersweet. As some of you may already know, my wallet was stolen (and later given back to me). This happened on my last day, so I tried not to let it affect my overall impression of Berlin. Thankfully, the Berliners I interacted with and the spectacular vegan and vegetarian food I had made the trip a huge success. Berlin is one of my favorite cities I’ve visited in the world and I’d love to have an opportunity to go back…. and devour tons of scrumptious vegan food!


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