Turkish Food of the Week: Mantı

Turkish Food of the Week #4: Mantı   


Spinach and fried onion mantı , Bodrum Mantı, Arnavutköy, Istanbul

Unfortunately, my time in Turkey has come to an end. However, that does not mean my posts about this incredible country and its food will stop.

 This week’s Turkish dish is called,  mantı (pronounced: “mahn-tuh“). Often called “Turkish ravioli,” mantı are dumplings, usually baked or boiled, stuffed with different kinds of fillings, ranging from shredded lamb and beef to potato and spinach vegetarian fillings. They come in different shapes and sizes and are topped with yogurt, caramelized tomato paste and spices.

The preparation of mantı is similar to that of one of my favorite Polish dishes, pierogies. Dough is prepared, flattened, and cut into small pieces. It is then stuffed with filling and all four corners are pinched together. After this, they are either boiled or baked, depending on the variety. The end product is a delicious and filling meal that will leave you satisfied.

If you’d like to try making your own mantı, I found a great recipe here which you can use as a guideline when you make your version. Try the suggested lamb or beef filling or make your own. In one restaurant, Bodrum Mantı, I tried a spinach and fried onion version and it was great!

If you go to Turkey, you can find mantı in many traditional restaurants across the country. You can also check out the Bodrum Mantı chain, which has several locations around Istanbul and a few in other cities, like Bodrum, as well.


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