Turkish Food of the Week: Waffle


Turkish Food of the Week #2: Waffle


My first waffle in Ortaköy

Look out Belgium, I think Turkey’s got you beat with its delicious street waffles! While most of them do not look as beautiful and symmetrical as the one in this picture (because I mistakenly ordered this one in a restaurant instead of at a stand), the taste and variety of sweet toppings are bound to bring you back for more.

Turkish waffles are fresh and made-to-order with your choice of (often unlimited) sweet sauces, fruit toppings, chocolate, nuts and/or pistachio. The sauce choices are usually Nutella, strawberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, etc. You can choose fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, apples or kiwi for the next layer. On top, you can add chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, candied and/or dried fruit. The waffle is then usually finished with a sprinkle of pistachio paste. Voilà!

You can find waffles all around Istanbul and other big cities in Turkey. However, the best place to buy them is from waffle stands in the street as opposed to restaurants. Stands are better because they give you the chance to choose your toppings and the price of the waffle is usually cheaper. In Istanbul, the Ortaköy neighborhood is a famous place to get waffles and they are usually sold in stands right next to kumpir stands.

The price of a waffle varies depending on where you buy it, but it´s usually between 10-15TL (approximately $4.60-$6.90 at time of publishing). Make sure you ask for a fork when you buy your waffle because this gargantuan waffle filled with toppings and folded like a crepe is one messy and scrumptious treat!


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