You Know You Live in Madrid When…

In honor of Throwback Thursday (#TBT), I’ve decided to write a post about things that only really happen when you live in Madrid. Whether you are a madrileño, an ex-pat, or just a person who has traveled to Madrid, I hope you enjoy my attempt to explain life in Madrid. 


El Retiro

1.The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon is a picnic in Retiro park with your friends. 



2.The party doesn’t start until at least 1 am and getting home at 7, 8 or even 9 am the next day is completely normal. 


Walk of Shame (Credit: Google Images)

3. It is completely normal to see people coming home from a night out when you are just about to start your day. Likewise, you have totally come home late and run into your roommate getting ready to start his or her day. (True Story!)


Night out in Madrid

4. Making last minute plans with your friends is the norm. Also, deciding on what you will do and where you will go usually does not happen until you actually meet up.


Cien Montaditos

5. The cheapest place to go out for tapas and drinks just might be 100 Montaditos.


Mercado Provençal

Or the newly popular, Mercado Provençal. Although the quality isn´t there, you are kind of forced to settle since other places are just too expensive for you to afford going out as much as you do.


Una cabra en la Plaza Mayor

6. Despite having seen them for years and years, you still don´t understand the significance of these things. 



7. This unfortunate monstrosity is a sign that the Christmas season has indeed started. 


Cercanías Renfe (credit: Google Images)

8.  As annoying as they are, Renfe strikes are a normal part of daily life. As are student strikes. And, once in a while, other groups go on strike, such as street cleaning and public parks maintenance


Gypsies with rosemary (credit: Google images)

9. You know where the gypsies with the rosemary usually hang out (e.g. near the Nuevos Ministerios metro stop) and you have figured out how to avoid them and keep your valuables safe.


El oso y el madroño en la Puerta del Sol

10. You have said or heard “quedamos en el oso y el madroño,” (let’s meet at the Bear and Strawberry Tree [statue]) or “quedamos en el kilómetro 0” (let’s meet at kilometer 0) millions of times. 

la granviaa

Gran Via durante Navidades

11. Dodging tourists in the Gran Via and the Puerta del Sol is a difficult task that you have basically mastered-except during Christmas time!


Inside a “chino”

12. You know what a “chino” is and you know that you can find anything there. 


Sweet potato noodles

13. You are aware that the amazing noodle place underneath the Plaza de España actually exists and they do have the best (and cheapest) noodles in Madrid.


Falafel kebab (credit: Google images)

14. Kebab (or falafel kebab) is the best thing to eat after a long night out. Or on any other occasion really. 

vaso de agua

Water (credit: Google images)

15. You have the best water in the world. Water in other places just does not cut it.


Llao Llao banana split smoothie

16. You are more than familiar with the masterpiece that is Llao Llao frozen yogurt. 


Santiago Bernabéu metro right before the Real Madrid-Atlético de Madrid game, May 2014

17. Taking the metro before or after a Real Madrid or Atleti game is either a nightmare or the most fun experience of your life, depending on your mood and which team you support. 


Celebrating a Real Madrid victory in style at la Cibeles!

18. The best place to celebrate Real Madrid victories is at Cibeles. For Atleti fans, the Fuente de Neptuno (Neptune Fountain) is the place to go. 


Karfas Beach, Chios Island (Greece)

19. The absolute worst thing about Madrid is the fact that it doesn’t have a beach. 


Madrid as seen from the rooftop of the Círculo de Bellas Artes

20. But you don’t care because Madrid more than makes up for its lack of beach with the other amazing things it has to offer, like its nightlife, food, culture, people and quality of life. 

Can you think of any other things that only happen when you live in Madrid?


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