Carlos Vives in Madrid!

Carlos Vives Corazón Profundo Tour, Madrid

Carlos Vives

The first night I moved into my new apartment, my roommates and I were chatting about music. They asked if I knew of any Colombian artists and I mentioned that I liked Juanes, Fonseca and Carlos Vives. When they told me that Carlos Vives was touring and would be in Madrid at the end of the month, I jumped at the chance to see him perform.

Who is Carlos Vives and why did I go to his concert?


Carlos Vives is an acclaimed Colombian musician from Santa Marta.  His music is powerful and dynamic and can best be described as a mix of vallenato, cumbia, rock and latino pop. He has won and been nominated for several Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards.  He is currently 52-years-old (though you would never guess by the way he moves on stage!) and he has been famous worldwide since the early 1990’s.  The Corazón Profundo  Tour, which is also the name of Vives’ new album, was the first time he toured in Spain in eight years. I’m so glad he chose this year, the year I am here, to come.

Carlos Vives

Listening to Carlos Vives songs brings back fond memories of my better college Spanish classes. Two of my favorite Spanish teachers, one was from Venezuela and the other was from Colombia, both incorporated his songs into their classes. Before I took their classes, my Spanish was intermediate at best. However, after hours and hours of analyzing authentic material in Spanish, my Spanish improved significantly and I started to feel more confident in my abilities. Before those classes, I did not think I was capable of watching movies or listening to songs in Spanish. Now, whenever I hear the song Carito, I always think back to this time in my life and remember that I can enjoy music and movies in Spanish.

The Concert

Carlos Vives Corazon Profundo

The concert in Madrid was in Palacio Vistalegre, which is in the southwest of Madrid. The venue is indoor and can hold around 15,000 people. On the day of the concert, two of my roommates made a beautiful banner and left around noon to wait in line. One of my other roommates and I headed to Palacio Vistalegre around 5pm. The concert didn’t start until 9pm, so we took advantage of the extra time to get pumped up for the concert with fellow concert-goers.

When the doors finally opened at 7:30pm, we were the first ones in so  we ran to the stage and managed to get spots right up front! I was going to be less than 3 meters away from Carlos Vives!!!

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the opening performer, Naela, came on stage.


Naela is a talented pop star who is also from Colombia. She is very young-only a year older than me-but her songs were interesting and captivating. She has only been in the music industry for a few years, but I think she has great potential.

After Naela performed, everything got dark and the crowd waited, anxiously, for Carlos Vives to make his grand appearance. We were all starting to get antsy and our voices were beginning to sound hoarse from screaming so much when, suddenly, a video came on the screen.

Carlos Vives

The big show was about to start! We began to scream again when Carlos swam into our view.

Carlos Vives

And again when he was running through the rain forest.

Carlos Vives

And even louder when the video stopped, the musicians came on stage and started playing, and then…



Carlos Vives

The concert was an amazing and fun experience. Vives’ lyrics were powered by true emotion and despite being 52-years-old, he danced across the stage with agility and vigor. He performed top songs from his new album, such as Bailar Contigo (Dance With You), La Foto De Los Dos (The Photo of the Two of Us), Volví a Nacer (I Was Born Again), and Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo (How Your Body Likes It). He also played other famous songs, like La Gota Fría (The Cold Sweat)a traditional Colombian vallenato song, his rendition of which gained him international fame in the early 1990’s. Much to my delight, he also played Carito.

Carlos Vives

One of my favorite parts of the concert occurred towards the end. Two of my roommates had brought a Colombian flag with a Spanish flag sewn on top. During one of the songs, they threw it on stage and Carlos Vives caught it and held it while he was singing. I thought it was admirable that he made an effort to interact with the audience. Later on, he recognized the women next to me who were holding a sign that said that they, too, were from Santa Marta, Vives’ hometown.

Carlos Vives

The concert was spectacular and I highly recommend seeing Carlos Vives if you ever have the chance. I will definitely see him again. Below, I have shared two brief videos I took at the concert. The first one is La Gota Fría and the second is Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo. Enjoy!


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